#21 WOW!  Beautiful Tapestries of 51 Cities. (Yes...That's 51 !)

Ryoko, our local tapestry weaver (as well as aficionado of many other weaving types and patterns) has found the NEATEST EVER website from LaDonna Mayer. 

Here's a snatch from LaDonna's commentary: 

" The original idea was to weave one black and white tapestry of New York City for my husband, a writer/photographer from New York. I would use one of his black And white photos of the city as inspiration for the cartoon. 
At the Espanola Valley Fiber Art Center in Espanola, New Mexico, I filled my arms with a beautiful Clasgens 4-ply wool yarn in black, natural off-white and three shades of gray. I drew my cartoon of the skyline and set to work weaving "New York".
I loved weaving the city. In fact I loved it so much that I wove "Chicago" next. And after that, "Los Angeles". Then Austin TX…"

So… as the title of this post says, she completed 51 Cities!

Make you want to look into doing tapestry?

Just click on the thumbnail below to  be taken to LaDonna's website. While you're there, also look at the "Smoke Dancers" and "The Process" tabs at the top of the page. And... the "About" tab is a classic.


-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from her blog.

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