#67 Tien Chiu, Weaver

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Of the various textile blogs that Dorothy follows, Tien Chiu is always interesting.

Tien is an award-winning weaver, works with fine silk - as well as a master of making chocolate delicacies! Good person all 'round.

We all see the pics of really-cleaned-up studios on various websites. Spiffy. Glossy. Sparkly. A zillion colors of identical-sized cones displayed on open shelves.
OK... but some of us need to have things closer to hand.

And so… excellent weaver Tien Chiu lets us see her workroom in this post.

-From D&R, W Lafayette IN, where the fall raspberries are still coming (but dwindling) and our neighbor's 60ft tree will soon make it possible for us to glean lots of rich leaf compost for spreading next spring!

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from her blog.

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