#26 Tablet Weaving - Linda Hendrickson

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The local weaving guild will be having a program on tablet weaving (also called "card" weaving), and we thought it would be fun to see just what's available on the web about that topic.

We found one outstanding site, by Linda Hendrickson in Portland Oregon, that offers monographs, DVD's, Braid kits, ply-split basket kits, private instruction, and more... as well as a lot of free instructions in text, photos, and even videos, on YouTube (like the screenshot, above).

When you go to the home page, you'll see the site map on the left, as in this screenshot below.


The whole site is fascinating! 

But, if you want to skip to some basic tablet-weaving instructions, click on "Free Instructions (Text/Photo)"
Remember, these are just video clips from the DVDs. Buy their DVD for the complete instruction.

What a great site! Here's a short text excerpt.

"Tablet Weaving: Making a Continuous Warp and Weaving Warp Twined Designs" 
"I use continuous warping for my own work, and teach this method. It is a fast, efficient method in which the tablets are threaded as a pack instead of individually. The warp is measured and tensioned and the tablets are placed in position all at the same time. After warping, the tablets are flipped and rotated before or during weaving to create different patterns and structures. I love to do this demonstration because people who have never seen this are so amazed. I will show and explain how to make a continuous warp, and then also do some weaving and explain how to manipulate the tablets to create geometric patterns in warp twining."

And here's the link   http://www.lindahendrickson.com
(Don't miss the link to  "Home & Garden")

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnails, above, are a cut from her website.

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