#10 Surprise in an Old Girl Scout Handbook

While sorting thru some old books recently, we came across Dorothy's Girl Scout Handbook from 1947. Thumbing thru it we were amazed at all the complete, practical information it contained.

Then we turned to the "Proficiency Badges" section and found this on pg. 380:


"To earn this badge, do eight of these (21) activities. The three starred activities are required.

* Weave a piece of material on any type of loom available.

* Make and thread a simple loom.

* Know how to dye materials for weaving; how to make natural dyes; how to use commercial dyes."

GS Handbk-6.05.2013

The remaining 18 activities from which the scout was to do, five included: follow  directions for pattern weaving on a four shaft loom, design and finger weave a piece, weave a piece of material in simple stripes.

Other choices included: spin some yarn, beam a warp, repair a warp thread, learn the meaning of loom, heddle, beater, treadle, reed, beam. warp, weft, pattern, rug, tapestry, and finger weaving.

The list goes on to include assembling an exhibit of hand weaving such as an early American bedspread, linen runners, tapestries, and more.

The girls using that handbook and earning that badge were probably 10-12 years old.

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

© Dorothy & Ron Baker 2013