#18 Sotis Cloth Revisited

DSCF4057 - 2013-06-19 at 10-58-30 - Version 2

You'll remember a few posts back, that Dorothy is currently weaving Sotis cloth based on Kay Faulkner's adaptation of a West Timor backstrap-woven fabric.

As it turns out, Katie Swanson, who writes the Twisp of Fate blog, attended one of Kay Faulkner's 3 day workshops at the NW Weaver's conference in Bellingham WA.

Here's a link to Katie's experience at the 3 day workshop, plus her 3 half-day seminars with Kay Faulkner.

Now, in case Katie has added another post since we posted this link, you'll be able to find it at June 24 on her blog.

Enjoy! Thanks to Ryoko for this link!    http://twispofate.com

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