#44 Skye Weavers

The screenshot below, is a cut from their website

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The backstory: Dorothy follows Yahoo weaving groups, and Marg Coe, a frequent contributor, linked to this. Marg Coe is a prolific, interesting, weaver and author, but we'll do a separate post about her sometime. 

Right now, we'll stick with the site that Marg found.

OK, Here's the skinny: 
Marg found (on a blog unrelated to weaving) some folks who were on holiday in the Isle of Skye, and took pictures of a unique bike-pedal operated automatic weaving loom.

That's right, a person pedals to operate the automatic loom!

 It's all engineered from odd bits that the owner acquired. The machinery is housed in an old  croft house.
The name of the company is Skye Weavers.

We want to give you a couple different links to give the best overall view of the loom machinery.

First, the original blog that contains the folks' own carefully captioned photos. Click here.

Next… here's the link to Skye Weaver's own website. It has a Vimeo made by a German TV station. (The narration is in German, but it doesn't really matter what language the narration is.) Be sure to also click on the tabs at the top of their page.  Click here.

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from their website.

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