#41 Scottish "Leno Gauze" (Madras) Manufacturer, MYB

The screenshot below, is a cut from their website

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A short quote from the Scottish firm, MYB Textiles, -History page:
"The company Morton Young and Borland Ltd was founded in 1900 in Ayrshire, Scotland, exclusively manufacturing Scottish Leno Gauze weave, later known as Scottish Madras. Soon after, in 1913, the company invested in Nottingham Lace Looms to offer a larger variety of products to its clients and to bring Lace making to Scotland. The Irvine Valley offered the perfect damp climate for the Nottingham Lace machinery and its product. Morton Young and Borland has developed the name MYB Textiles over the past 20 years to add a contemporary edge to their proud heritage."

Such massive machinery weaving such delicate lace.

We think you'll enjoy browsing their website, particularly knowing that they have advanced with technology and many of their lace looms now operate with CAD software. 

Near the bottom of page, they have an excellent collection of manufacturing pictures, each of which can be enlarged for detail.
Be sure to also wander thru the tabs at the top of the page! Beautiful products.

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The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from their website.

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