#42 Saori™ weaving

Screenshot, below, is from Pinterest, Saori weaving Board

Woven SaoriStyle shawl  woven with my art yarn as weft and habu stainless steel/silk as warp

Certainly there is a w-i-d-e range of detail
that can be created in drawing and painting… from lots of tiny details to almost no fine detail.

 Likewise there is a range of detail within weaving, from intricate patterning and precise edges all the way to the current interest in Saori™ weaving, which has aims for broad detail, and is valued for its "self-innovation," as the philosophy is described.

Popularized by a Japanese woman, Misao Jo, the philosophy is often called "Freestyle Weaving." 

One website is quoted as saying; "Saori is an art form in which we express our true selves in weaving. There are no mistakes, no patterns to follow. Weavers just weave what they want to with complete freedom and creativity."

The global organization has a directory of registered studios, including 13 in the US. 
While Saori™ emphasizes freedom from drafts, over mastery of traditional technique,  remember, all standard looms, warp thread, and accessories, are more than capable of allowing a weaver to create whatever he/she wants with - or without - a draft.

Here's a link to one Saori™ website.
The manufacturer, Sakaiseikisangyo Co. Ltd, offers 5 specialized loom models, accessories, ready-made warp, weaving threads and books.

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from their website.

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