#15 Ryoko Fashions

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Yesterday was a local guild meeting, and Ryoko brought some beautiful items:

First, a felt brooch with Kumihimo braid at the center. 

We showed Ryoko in our May 17th post, making braid on a Maurodai stand… but this braid was made on a much simpler cardboard disc, popularized by the Braid Society.com, called a "Fill the Gap" braiding disc. Based on principles of straw plaiting from the 1700s on, Braid Society members have produced a simple method of braiding without a stand.

With careful selection of yarns and careful attention, Ryoko has shown that even  a spiral-patterned braid can be achieved with this simple Fill-the-Gap disc.

Her example is below…


Ryoko also made a lovely example of the Theo Moorman Technique with this scarf.

Her adaptation uses a novelty yarn she bought at a yarn shop "garage sale" which has tiny satin "flags." As Ryoko says, "This is EASY Theo Moorman!

Finally… Ryoko found another gem at the yarn shop sale. A little kit priced originally at 13 bucks, which went for 1 or 2 bucks. No indication of what the kit was for, but it had some spools of matching-dyed yarn, so for that price she couldn't let it languish un-loved. Here is the result, as a scarf!

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