#25 Rug Cutting-Off Day!

DSCF4209 - 2013-07-09 at 09-50-19

Of all the different kinds of weaving Dorothy does, the type that she finds most relaxing, is rag rugs. The loom is an old Union 36 that was advertised in the local paper  y-e-a-r-s  ago. It has had many, many rugs woven on it.

Dorothy has always  felt a special kinship to the Scandinavian rag weavers of our upper midwest. (Dorothy is half Norwegian.) 

She always puts quite a long warp on the Union, and alternates between using this loom and finer work on the several  4H looms she has... and  many smaller looms. 

And... the number of rags that would otherwise go into the landfill is reduced by rag weavers, who are everywhere.

You see her here, scissors at the ready, to cut the rugs off the loom, in preparation for hemming.

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

© Dorothy & Ron Baker 2013