#23 "Recipe" Weavers


About fifteen posts back, we linked to a post by Daryl Lancaster; a weaver who travels all over to educate and inspire.
Her post today has a quotable section that we'd like to excerpt here. It's about the fact that weavers who weave from a published pattern/project are often looked down on with the pejorative "recipe weavers."

Here's what Daryl has to say:

"….Which leads me to a discussion on Recipe weaving. I’m all for it. Really. Let me explain…

I’m an OK knitter. I’ve knitted for years, but not with the passion I reserve for weaving and garment construction. I know how to knit, and do a few stitches, and follow directions. I’m good at following directions. When a well meaning friend jumps in and tells me to do something like bind off for a shoulder in a different way than is written I sort of scramble to rewrite the directions because knitting isn’t instinctive for me. I’m also an OK cook. I’ve learned through the years not to burn things, unless I get distracted, and I can follow directions. I can read a recipe. That’s comfortable for me. I don’t want to waste pricey food items, or yarn for that matter on something I’m just experimenting with. I’m not secure in my knitting abilities or my cooking abilities enough to just wing it. I’m probably better than I give myself credit for, but there is a comfort in looking at a five star recipe online and knowing that if I follow the directions I have a good chance of having it turn out the way it looks in the picture. There is something to be said for that."

Here's the link to the complete post. Daryl covers many topics in this post… and they're all interesting! http://weaversew.com/wordblog/2013/07/03/the-weaver-sews/

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from her blog.

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