#14 Peggy Osterkamp in Japan

Many of you may recognize Peggy Osterkamp from her weaving books like Weaving for Beginers.
She and Yoshiko Wada went on a textile trip to Japan, beginning May 13, 2013. 

As Peggy says in the first post on her blog: "Just textiles! No shrines, gardens, just textiles and wonderful food and Japanese inns!"

She has devoted the blog link, below, to covering her whole experience. Here's just one tantalizing screenshot.
You'll be entranced!

We've started you at the first post, which is at the bottom of the series, so when you are on her blog, click on Next... to proceed to the next newer post of the series.

Here it is!    http://peggyosterkamp.com/2013/05/japan-yoshiko-wada-textile-tour/

peggy osterkamp

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot-thumbnail, above, is a cut from her blog.

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