#63 Living Crafts Centre, Lao Textile Design

A quote from the Centre's  website: "Everyone is welcome at our centre. Set in a tropical Mekong garden it opens doors to learning about Lao textiles and crafts. Bringing alive our concept of east meets west, the LCC is a place where you can meet silk weavers, craft artisans and silkworms and learn about textiles and take classes. We welcome you to join a free guided tour, sign up for a class, eat delicious Lao food, or just relax by the riverside with a book and a drink."

We have two links for you, today. First, a link to a nice post by Tracy Hudson, showing Lao cotton being processed by very simple, handmade, machines at the Centre.

Second, a link to the centre's overall website. 

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN

The screenshot thumbnail, above, is a cut from the Centre's webpage.

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