#85 - Fun Guild meeting today !

IMG 1089

Crackle Weave

Our local Guild invited Jessica Madsen to present a program on Crackle Weave today. What a great time!
Jessica, a weaver, chemist, and mom... caused Dorothy to say that she understood more from Jessica’s  presentation than she had learned from three books on the subject!

IMG 1072

 6.20.2014- Jessica Madsen

IMG 1056

Decorative crackle weave band on plain weave 

IMG 1082

VEST, Jessica made for her university professor husband, featured in Handwoven, Sep-Oct, 2012

IMG 1059 - Version 2

Smail purse in crackle weave, see detail below

IMG 1077

Closeup of pattern

Follow Jessica’s blog at http://fiber-fever.blogspot.com

From beautiful W. Lafayette Indiana, where we’re eating the first of our edible pod peas!  -D&R

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