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#77 Braids & Bands


Making braids and bands is a very satisfying way to weave beautiful patterns with a small, inexpensive loom - and a small investment in yarns. There are many books and videos to help you get started in weaving bands. One particular group in the UK, whom we like, is called the Braid Society and... they have a web presence thru one of the many Yahoo weaving discussion groups.

Now a plug for Yahoo Groups in general: offers an alternative for weavers with s-l-o-w internet connections. Their various online groups are mostly text, with only links to a separate photo gallery. 
Fast loading - on even the slowest internet connection. (Son Tom says the format is part blog, part message board. A hybrid.)

Today, we offer a link to the Braid SocietyBraids & Bands Yahoo group - a group we really enjoy. You can join their group thru this link

And… here’s a quote from their homepage: 

"The Braid Society ( promotes the education and practice of the art and craft of making constructed or embellished braids and narrow bands. All appropriate interests are encouraged, and membership is open to everyone. Members include professional craftsmen, teachers, researchers, authors, perpetual students, collectors,and people who are just interested in the craft. Their work covers Japanese (kumihimo), Peruvian, Lucet and Looped braids, Plaits and Cords and also Inkle, Tablet, Backstrap and Finger weaving as well as other skills."

-From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette IN, celebrating St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas Day-2013

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