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#89 Note Card Designs using Hand-woven Swatches

Our local weaving guild recently invited Cathy Hayt, of Platypus Studios to give a presentation about cards incorporating hand-woven swatches.

IMG 0763

Cathy Hayt

Some of Cathy’s examples incorporate swatches woven on an inexpensive pin loom, then framed in commercially available cards from many art supply sources. 

One on-line source of photo insert cards, mentioned by Cathy, was Photographer’s Edge

IMG 0755

Examples of woven swatches in commercial card frames

IMG 0753

In these cards, Cathy overlaid swatches on designer paper backgrounds. Two upper cards illustrate using multicolor rovings.

The lower-left card shows an original photo of yarn in a decorative basket.

Cathy also discussed the merits of different glues to hold the swatches in place.  She has found in her work that, in general, glue-sticks are best for short-time adhesion, while hot glue works well, but often raises the swatch where applied. Often the various 3M craft glues have given the best overall satisfaction.

IMG 0750 - Version 2

Cathy Hayt of Platypus Studios discussing properties of various adhesives in working with greeting cards

From beautiful West Lafayette Indiana, where we’ve been having c-o-o-o-old weather, but hardly any snow.             Keep on weavin’   -D&R

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