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#88 Local guild meeting

Our local guild is planning a towel exchange in November… so... to get members revved up...  the program chair, Ryoko, asked Dorothy to bring examples of towels from past exchanges.

IMG 2009

Dorothy showing various towel patterns 

It went well... we’ve included some photos, below. Several members also brought previously-made towels. Nice things!

IMG 2017 - Version 2

IMG 2015

IMG 2016

The meeting also had a good number of show & tell items, which we thought you might like to see.

IMG 1982

Phyllis showed a 4 harness rag runner made completely from silk ties  

IMG 1985

Rita brought a GREAT rep weave wall hanging, maybe 2ft x 4ft in size

IMG 1992

Version #1

IMG 1990

Heather made a series of  huck placemats, illusrating the difference that can be made by only varying the treadling and adding black as the weft

IMG 1996

Jan showed a carry-all made entirely from plastic bags. 

The kicker? she left a tiny text line by her little finger that says “Please Recycle"

IMG 1997

Another piece by Jan is a rag rug that she titled “Chicory by the Roadside"

IMG 2000

Millie brought two scarves made from rayon. Nice hand!

The backstory: Mille (mid nineties!) had just finished a long run of overshot placemats and just needed a break!

IMG 2002

Joanie made this shawl on a rigid-heddle loom!

IMG 2004

In addition to a display of towels, Ryoko showed two beautiful carriers for mini iPads/tablets, in Indian Saddle Blanket Weave… she worked from Helene Bress’ book The Weaving Book.

IMG 1989

Rita attended a class at the recent Convergence conference, where she made this wool tapestry, which she calls “Tipping Point.”  Some swear they see fish swimming!

From beautiful W. Lafayette IN, where Kroger has some really nice pumpkins this year. 

Now we have some of them decorating the front yard!

The sorghum stalks (beside the steps) that kinda look like US field corn, with no corn ears… have nice seeds where the tassels would be on field corn. We planted them there for the birds. 

It’s fun to watch ‘em ride the seed heads up and down, while they snack! (We go in for cheap entertainment.)   -Dorothy&Ron

IMG 2018
Front porch

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