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#86 A Guild Challenge

The Program Chair for our local guild, Ryoko, opened this year’s Challenge at a recent meeting. The point of this challenge is for each member to create two placemats that mainly incorporate recycled or found materials.

Guild member, Dorothy, showed several small samples using clean old cloth, those slim plastic bags that newspapers come in, T shirts cut into strips and stretched to make “tarn,” siberian iris leaves, and more. All were woven on a four harness looms, to emphasize pattern.

IMG 1481 - Version 2

Dorothy showing samples of four harness projects using only weft from clean rags, newspaper bags, siberian iris leaves, and more. 

Ryoko showed a very clever wall art piece... using thrums for the warp, and black corrugated cardboard  for the weft.

IMG 1476 - Version 2

Ryoko’s wall hanging sample: found materials

IMG 1491 - Version 2

Hit and miss plastic bag weaving

IMG 1493

Reading from the front beam: 

WalMart bags, newspaper bags, leafy veg bags from grocery, newspaper, Walmart, leafy veg bags -

We will see what the guild members come up with at the November meeting !

From beautiful W. Lafayette IN, where we had a hail storm yesterday, and the squash leaves got squashed and shredded !  D&R

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