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#07 Vicuna wool

Weaving friend, Ryoko, saw a full-page ad in the NYT recently, mentioning the high-end clothier Loro Piana's part in saving the Vicuna, a relative of the llama, by establishing  Peru's first private nature reserve. Its fleece is said to have no equal in price.

First, here's a Wikipedia enrty for the Vicunaña


Second is the commercial website of the Italian firm, Loro Pinana

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The screenshot thumbnail, above, is a cut from their blog.

#06 Sleazy Blue!

Actually, we've decided to gussie up the name for the Sleazy series. They will hereafter be called "Transparent" scarves. Same cool scarves, but sounds way better. More Artsy.
The loom is a Baby Wolf,  the reed is 8 dent, and the sett is whatever seems best for the particular yarn. The yarns are odd ends of cones  from the stash room. Yes, we have a stash room. Great! resource. Sleazys  -uh- transparents are a GREAT way to empty all those bobbins with leftovers on 'em. 

DSCF0180 - 2013-06-25 at 12-51-10 - Version 2
Sleazy Blue!

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#05 Simple Wool Scarf

Remember that inexpensive 10 inch Cricket loom we showed back on May 14th? Here's the second piece to come off it.
The yarn is just simple wool knitting yarn. The rigid heddle is 8 dent.

DSCF0177 - 2013-06-24 at 10-09-40 - Version 2

#04 Tapestry Weaver Maximo Laura

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.23.03 AM

Long-time weaving friend Ryoko sends along a link to Tapestry Weaver, Maximo Laura's, website.

Lots of beautiful tapestries. Wander around to the different areas. Be prepared to be amazed!  Here's the link

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The screenshot thumbnail, above, is a cut from his blog.

#03 Blog: Karen in the Woods

A very interesting, homey, blog is named "Karen in the Woods." Karen and her husband Steve have a passion for travelling, and being with grandkids, and fiber arts.

If, as a weaver, you just ran across it while surfing, you might pass it up because of the header which says:


But it's a facinating blog! Even if you've never had a particulary strong urge to get into motorhome-ing.

For example… Karen has just finished with a 3-day workshop with weaver Jason Collingwood, of shaft-switching fame. Shaft-switching was invented in England by Jason's dad,  and Jason makes regular tours in the USA.
This is the tenth year Jason has led a workshop at Vavning Studio, located in Shopiere, WI (just east of Beloit)

Shaft-switching is facinating because so many patterns can be made with only two shafts.

karen 386

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The screenshot-thumbnails, above, are cuts from her blog.

#02 Dorothy's "sleazy" scarves

She calls them sleazy because they aren't the usual sett for these yarns.  Maybe they should be called "open-work" or colorful fashion pieces.

The reed is an 8 dent, the sett varies with the yarn.

The yarn is everything and anything out of the stash!

DSCF3857 - 2013-05-20 at 13-31-59 - Version 2
DSCF3858 - 2013-05-20 at 16-23-02

Here's the newest one, still on the Baby Wolf loom

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#01 Kumihimo Japanese method of braiding round or flat cords.

Family friend , Ryoko Marti, was demonstrating the technique today at her local weaving guild meeting, where we snapped these pics.

To learn more, Ryoko says she is particularly impressed with a USA vendor who has a great collection of Kumihimo supplies, plus lots of information, a glossary, and much more. Click 

You can see Janis Saunders, Owner of Braider's Hand, weaving on a much larger weaving stand called a "Takadai" at

DSCF0139 - 2013-06-16 at 11-51-27
DSCF0136 - 2013-06-16 at 11-49-46

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