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#96 Weaving Friends' New Projects

Here are a few of the projects that were  shown when our weaving friends  stopped at our house, recently…

IMG 2037 - Version 2

Sara brought a new book: Weaving with Echo & Iris, by Marian Stubenitsky - Here's a link that gives more information and beautiful gallery photos of the techniques. 


Marian Stubenitsky was also interviewed in Handwoven Nov/Dec 2014, and Marian wrote an article in the Jan/Feb 2015 Handwoven.

(Ellen is shown browsing Sara’s purchase). 

IMG 2041 - Version 2

Sara also showed shoelaces she's weaving on a ankle loom, for her boyfriend. - 

IMG 2046 - Version 2

Rita has been experimenting and sampling with Taquete' - a weft-faced weave that does not use a tabby weft. 

Here's a useful link -é 

IMG 2051 - Version 2

Here, Rita has also been sampling various pattern approaches in rep weave 

IMG 2053 - Version 2

This closeup shows the subtle color depth Rita has worked into her rep weave sample 

IMG 2055 - Version 2

Dorothy also showed a rep weave she did with rag 

IMG 2060 - Version 2

Dorothy's newest Theo Moorman wall hanging: Little Boxes

IMG 2070 - Version 2

Heather brought her newest exploration into collapse weave

IMG 2073 - Version 2

Since Heather likes collapse weave…  here, she has done a scarf in another version: Cramped and Spaced threading. Anne Dixon has several pages about it her Pattern Directory 

Here is a link to the book

IMG 2072 - Version 2

Heather's Cramped & Spaced scarf shown expanded. 

IMG 2095 - Version 2

Here is Ellen's completed transparency. We showed Ellen's cartoon on post #93 

IMG 2085 - Version 2

Ellen’s transparency will be used over windows in their home

From beautiful W. Lafayette IN… Dorothy & Ron

#95 Vintage Textile Equipment Display in Chicago

Our daughter, Jenny, was in Chicago recently, strolling down MIchigan Avenue, when she was surprised by a storefront display of vintage sewing machines!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.27.50 PM

In the store’s foyer, she photographed this enormous vintage Jacquard industrial loom, below...

IMG 0279

After using the magnifier in the photo-editimg software and wandering around with Google, the company name turned up on gracesguide, and yielded this vintage advertisement… below

Im1895Ashenhurst-Hutchinson - Version 2

Here’s a link to Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History

And here’s a link to the GREAT photogallery of the store, 

AllSaints Spitalfields at Michigan Avenue, Chicago

IMG 2028

From West Lafayette IN where the garden is FINALLY starting to awaken. Ron & Dorothy



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