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# 94 Vi KronobergsVävare

This post started out as link sent to us from Pinterest, which led us to a post on Weaveolution,...which led us to a Swedish site... which enevtually led us to some pages of the site in English!

As thie site's author says: "Our name means, one word at a time, We Kronoberg's Weavers - or, perhaps better, Us Weavers of Kronoberg.”

Since Dorothy has Norwegian grandparents, and both Norwegian and Swedish handweavers were consumate rug weavers… and Dorothy has woven LOTS of rugs...

Here are 3 screenshot clips from the Swedish website, to entice you to go the english version of the site. (Homepage link shown later, at the bottom of this post.)

SNILJEFLOSSA 2015-03-29 at 12.50.04 PM

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Trensaflossa  2015-03-29 at 12.52.31 PM

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CORDUROY  2015-03-29 at 1.02.32 PM

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And now… here’s the link to the  english version homepge of Vi KronoburgsVävare. 

Lots of great links to explore!

From Dorothy & Ron in W. Lafayette, Indiana, where the weather is swinging back and forth between 18F to 65F, from day to day.
Don’t like the weather today? Tomorrow will be better, uh, different.

#93 Some Weaving Friends Stopped by the House

Some weaving friends stopped by the house the other day to show what they have been working on. Here are some snapshots.

IMG 1555 - Version 2

Heather has been making samples of Colapse Weave

See the link to the source book, below

IMG 1544
IMG 1543

IMG 1587

Dorothy showing her latest Theo Moorman piece

IMG 1586


IMG 1594

Dagmar explaining the scarf she made based on several measures of music 

IMG 1597

After selecting measures in the score that weren’t too many notes different from each other, Dagmar fed the output into her weaving  program, and centered the result.

IMG 1536

Rita showed her experiments with patterns from Nancy Arthur Hoskins book.

Click here for link 

IMG 1537

Rita also showed a jaw-dropping piece done on 8 shafts

IMG 1538 - Version 2

Rita designed the entire piece using a spreadsheet program on her computer, then handwove it on a manual loom.

IMG 1639

Ellen, right,  showed her cartoon for an upcoming transparency work

IMG 1656 - Version 2

From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette Indiana, where the snow has (finally) been replaced with Snow Drops

#92 A Website with LOTS of Personality

Our weaving friend, Ellen, recently told us of her interest in an article in Piecework magazine (Mar/Apr 2015) by Donna Duchunas, and showed us a work-in-progress.

IMG 2115 - Version 2


Ellen brought a few items she’s working on from the Piecework article, seen here...

IMG 1631

Piecework article by Donna Duchunas, with Ellen’s work laying on it

So we thought you might be interested in a link to Donna D.’s bio on Ravelry

And… a link to Donna D.'s website.

There’s a lot of information there!

-HOLD ON… SPRING IS COMIN’   -D&R in West Lafayette Indiana

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