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#78 Textile-Mill Photgraper, Christopher Payne

DSCF2195 - Version 2

Dorothy found a great article from a post on a Yahoo weaving group today. The article is from the NY Times Magazine, Jan 10.2014, and is titled Fruits of the Loom.

Here’s a short quote. "Christopher Payne has spent much of the past few years photographing more than 20 of the mills that make up what’s left of America’s textile industry. Three appeared to have closed midproduction, looking like soft, bright Pompeiis, the colorful yarns still piled on the factories’ floors after the doors were permanently closed; others continue to function, often with machinery and techniques valued precisely because they are decades or even centuries old. Many of the machines in the mills Payne has documented are embossed with the names of defunct machinery companies not far from where he grew up near Boston.”

Nineteen beautiful photos accompany the article!  Here’s the link

From beautiful W. Lafayette Indiana, where all that remains of ten inches of snow and below zero temps- is piles of snow everywhere - and potholes. Serious potholes. D&R

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