#80 Another in Our "Cool Blog" Series: Kate Larson

Screenshot clip is from her website

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Kate Larson may not write posts every day as some authors do, but her posts are worth the wait!

In the post we’ve chosen, The Secret Language of Mittens, you’ll find a cogent look at the  1830’s migration from Norway to the US, and how the people  ”...brought some traditions forward... leaving others behind.” 

In this short post you’ll find links to two premier Norwegian museums in the US, and links to two books.
And, be sure to look at the books, digital media, and magazine articles she has written, and her workshop schedule!

Here’s the place to start  http://katelarsontextiles.com/2013/12/09/the-secret-language-of-mittens/

Our thanks to the WeaveTech Yahoo group for the link.

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