#95 Vintage Textile Equipment Display in Chicago

Our daughter, Jenny, was in Chicago recently, strolling down MIchigan Avenue, when she was surprised by a storefront display of vintage sewing machines!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.27.50 PM

In the store’s foyer, she photographed this enormous vintage Jacquard industrial loom, below...

IMG 0279

After using the magnifier in the photo-editimg software and wandering around with Google, the company name turned up on gracesguide, and yielded this vintage advertisement… below

Im1895Ashenhurst-Hutchinson - Version 2

Here’s a link to Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History

And here’s a link to the GREAT photogallery of the store, 

AllSaints Spitalfields at Michigan Avenue, Chicago

IMG 2028

From West Lafayette IN where the garden is FINALLY starting to awaken. Ron & Dorothy



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