#90 New Year at the Local Guild

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January 2015 at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation 

The first meeting of our local weaving guild for 2015 was loaded with interesting projects from the members!

The honor of “most new textiles at a single meeting” (if the guild had such an award) goes to Joni. 

You’ll see her items, below.

Then, the Program Chair, Ryoko, introduced the members to weaving a bag on a cardboard box. Handwoven published an article by tapestry artist Sarah Swett, back in their Jan/Feb, 2008 issue.

Essentially, by wrapping a warp around  the sides and bottom of a small cardboard box, but leaving the top of the box open (unwrapped) , you create a “loom” that allows the weaving to be formed in the shape of a purse or handbag.

IMG 1324

Clip of article by Sarah Swett

Now this is not the same as the many  cardboard-box-weaving examples on the web, where the weaving is actually done on warp stretched across the open box top.  

Nope. In this incarnation, you weave on the SIDES and BOTTOM, leaving the top open. Voila! a purse or handbag, depending on the dimensions of the box you’ve chosen.

The pictures below, will probably clear up the confusion! 

The article uses the box system to weave a tapestry bag. But.. if you are not a “ tapestry person”  you can use  any kind of weft, placed any way you want it.

It’s just a way to make a woven piece that is bag shaped, rather than flat.

Ryoko pointed out that an advantage of the system is that you can weave without expensive equipment, without  making noise, with the box on your lap, while you sit comfortably.

From beautiful West Lafayette, IN… where the sun is shining and the temp is 41F… and it now gets light by 8am. Repeat: 8am!   Whoo-eee!  We actually got the Christmas lights out of the front yard. (Tomorrow may be different!)    -Dorothy & Ron

IMG 1276

Scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom 

IMG 1277

Chenille scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom

IMG 1278

Large Mohair shawl by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom 

IMG 1279

Chenille scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom

IMG 1273

Joni giving a Grand Finale of all the wonderful items she showed at the meeting!

IMG 1284

Shadow weave by Jane 

IMG 1285

Rug, by Jane, made with 35yr old macrame cord! (Read: stash reduction)

IMG 1287

Turned Ms & Os by Heather 

IMG 1292

Turned M’s & O’s article

IMG 1289

Blanket by Heather

IMG 1296

Chenille scaf by Ryoko, with intentional long floats to incorporate the eventual  "worning"

IMG 1297

Scarf with intermixed Chenille & Bernat Crochet yarn - by Ryoko

IMG 1298

Unbelivable find in a antique/junque shop for $7 (Harrisville) -found by Jan

IMG 1308 - Version 2

Ryoko demonstrating noted tapestry artist Sarah Swett's technique for making a handbag with the "loom" being a cardboard box

IMG 1310 - Version 2

Close-up of how warp yarn is looped around the tabs that have been cut into the top edges of the box. This leaves the top of the future weaving open to make a handbag.

© Dorothy & Ron Baker 2013