#87 Show&Tell at our Local Guild

Some interesting pieces at the recent meeting.

IMG 1595 - Version 2
WWG mtg @ TAF 8.14.2014

First, for all those who haven’t yet tried weaving placemats from recycled plastic bags, here are some examples by Dorothy

IMG 1633

Typical recycled plastic bags are from newspapers, Target, WalMart, Kroger,  and more. The interesting random lines result from the store’s logos.

IMG 1634

For even more interest, here are samples made on a Rosepath threading.

Below, is a very attractive wall hanging by guild member, Ryoko

IMG 1601 - Version 2

Ryoko’s 3D Double-weave 6-shaft wall hanging

IMG 1612

Here are Ryoko’s construction notes. Ryoko says “This is actually a “1-1/2” weave, not a double weave. Strips when woven-under, are not actually woven. They are UNwoven."

Lastly... a son who travels a lot, was wearing a classy shirt he bought in Italy, when Dorothy became intrigued by the double-sided cloth and decided to see if she could figure out how to weave it.

IMG 1640

And here it is   …with some help from a Robyn Spady publication

From beautiful W. Lafayette… where we have somehow avoided the flooding that we see on the telly every day.  Tho it is raining right now! -D&R

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