#84 The great website of Duluth Fiber Handcrafters!

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If you spend much time visiting Guild websites, you’ll quickly notice those that stand out of the crowd, when showing off their members’ work.

The Duluth Minnesota Fiber Handcrafters Guild is a wonderful example of their leadership taking LOTS of photos of the beautiful woven art, and of the members who created it.

Starting with 2008, you can view photos thru 2013. The members -and their art- will wow you!

Of course, the Duluth leaders also have the traditional listing of upcoming meeting topics and presenters... and much, much, much more.

Below is a screenshot of the main navigation tabs.
This is only a screenshot... to give you an idea of the tab appearance. 

To view their actual site, Click Here

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Happy Spring (at last!) from beautiful W. Lafayette Indiana  -D&R

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