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#97 Pacific Tapa - Trees to Textiles


Photo pinned from Dave’s Garden - Davesgarden.com 

Click here for complete article from Daves Garden site

Pacific Tapa - Trees to textiles is a nicely done article by author Shari Scott. Her bio, below, is also pinned from Dave’s Garden.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.51.38 PM

You’ll find more articles by Shari Scott on the Dave’s Garden site

From beautiful W, Lafayette IN... where the glads are blooming... the glads are blooming!

-Dorothy & Ron

#96 Weaving Friends' New Projects

Here are a few of the projects that were  shown when our weaving friends  stopped at our house, recently…

IMG 2037 - Version 2

Sara brought a new book: Weaving with Echo & Iris, by Marian Stubenitsky - Here's a link that gives more information and beautiful gallery photos of the techniques. 

LINK http://weefschool.nl/en/ 

Marian Stubenitsky was also interviewed in Handwoven Nov/Dec 2014, and Marian wrote an article in the Jan/Feb 2015 Handwoven.

(Ellen is shown browsing Sara’s purchase). 

IMG 2041 - Version 2

Sara also showed shoelaces she's weaving on a ankle loom, for her boyfriend. - 

IMG 2046 - Version 2

Rita has been experimenting and sampling with Taquete' - a weft-faced weave that does not use a tabby weft. 

Here's a useful link - http://www.weavezine.com/content/summer-and-winter-taqueté 

IMG 2051 - Version 2

Here, Rita has also been sampling various pattern approaches in rep weave 

IMG 2053 - Version 2

This closeup shows the subtle color depth Rita has worked into her rep weave sample 

IMG 2055 - Version 2

Dorothy also showed a rep weave she did with rag 

IMG 2060 - Version 2

Dorothy's newest Theo Moorman wall hanging: Little Boxes

IMG 2070 - Version 2

Heather brought her newest exploration into collapse weave

IMG 2073 - Version 2

Since Heather likes collapse weave…  here, she has done a scarf in another version: Cramped and Spaced threading. Anne Dixon has several pages about it her Pattern Directory 

Here is a link to the book

IMG 2072 - Version 2

Heather's Cramped & Spaced scarf shown expanded. 

IMG 2095 - Version 2

Here is Ellen's completed transparency. We showed Ellen's cartoon on post #93 

IMG 2085 - Version 2

Ellen’s transparency will be used over windows in their home

From beautiful W. Lafayette IN… Dorothy & Ron

#95 Vintage Textile Equipment Display in Chicago

Our daughter, Jenny, was in Chicago recently, strolling down MIchigan Avenue, when she was surprised by a storefront display of vintage sewing machines!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.27.50 PM

In the store’s foyer, she photographed this enormous vintage Jacquard industrial loom, below...

IMG 0279

After using the magnifier in the photo-editimg software and wandering around with Google, the company name turned up on gracesguide, and yielded this vintage advertisement… below

Im1895Ashenhurst-Hutchinson - Version 2

Here’s a link to Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History

And here’s a link to the GREAT photogallery of the store, 

AllSaints Spitalfields at Michigan Avenue, Chicago

IMG 2028

From West Lafayette IN where the garden is FINALLY starting to awaken. Ron & Dorothy



# 94 Vi KronobergsVävare

This post started out as link sent to us from Pinterest, which led us to a post on Weaveolution,...which led us to a Swedish site... which enevtually led us to some pages of the site in English!

As thie site's author says: "Our name means, one word at a time, We Kronoberg's Weavers - or, perhaps better, Us Weavers of Kronoberg.”

Since Dorothy has Norwegian grandparents, and both Norwegian and Swedish handweavers were consumate rug weavers… and Dorothy has woven LOTS of rugs...

Here are 3 screenshot clips from the Swedish website, to entice you to go the english version of the site. (Homepage link shown later, at the bottom of this post.)

SNILJEFLOSSA 2015-03-29 at 12.50.04 PM

Click here to expand

Trensaflossa  2015-03-29 at 12.52.31 PM

Click here to expand

CORDUROY  2015-03-29 at 1.02.32 PM

Click here to expand

And now… here’s the link to the  english version homepge of Vi KronoburgsVävare. 

Lots of great links to explore!

From Dorothy & Ron in W. Lafayette, Indiana, where the weather is swinging back and forth between 18F to 65F, from day to day.
Don’t like the weather today? Tomorrow will be better, uh, different.

#93 Some Weaving Friends Stopped by the House

Some weaving friends stopped by the house the other day to show what they have been working on. Here are some snapshots.

IMG 1555 - Version 2

Heather has been making samples of Colapse Weave

See the link to the source book, below

IMG 1544
IMG 1543

IMG 1587

Dorothy showing her latest Theo Moorman piece

IMG 1586


IMG 1594

Dagmar explaining the scarf she made based on several measures of music 

IMG 1597

After selecting measures in the score that weren’t too many notes different from each other, Dagmar fed the output into her weaving  program, and centered the result.

IMG 1536

Rita showed her experiments with patterns from Nancy Arthur Hoskins book.

Click here for link 

IMG 1537

Rita also showed a jaw-dropping piece done on 8 shafts

IMG 1538 - Version 2

Rita designed the entire piece using a spreadsheet program on her computer, then handwove it on a manual loom.

IMG 1639

Ellen, right,  showed her cartoon for an upcoming transparency work

IMG 1656 - Version 2

From D&R in beautiful W. Lafayette Indiana, where the snow has (finally) been replaced with Snow Drops

#92 A Website with LOTS of Personality

Our weaving friend, Ellen, recently told us of her interest in an article in Piecework magazine (Mar/Apr 2015) by Donna Duchunas, and showed us a work-in-progress.

IMG 2115 - Version 2


Ellen brought a few items she’s working on from the Piecework article, seen here...

IMG 1631

Piecework article by Donna Duchunas, with Ellen’s work laying on it

So we thought you might be interested in a link to Donna D.’s bio on Ravelry

And… a link to Donna D.'s website.

There’s a lot of information there!

-HOLD ON… SPRING IS COMIN’   -D&R in West Lafayette Indiana

#91 Weaving Friends Get-Together

In addition to the local weaving guild, a few weaving friends get together from time-to-time to show their latest work. They usually meet at our house for a couple hours, talk, and laugh, and tell about how each piece was sett, the pattern, and whether the yarn actually lowered their stash a bit. (Seriously?)

Here are a few highlights.

IMG 1341

One of the weavers is a mathematician who always surprises us with her work. Right now, she wants to experiment with coaxing curves and color changes into the otherwise rectilinear work. She calls this "double-layer pickup, rep weave, sampler.” (We think we got that right!) 

It’s complicated.

IMG 1342

Heather showed a really cute Santa she did with needle felting.

IMG 1344 - Version 2

Rita's two-tie sampler done after a Robyn Spady workshop -Side 1

IMG 1345 - Version 2

Rita's two-tie sampler done after a Robyn Spady workshop -Side 2

IMG 1351

Sara showed a lovely plaid scarf of mixed yarns

IMG 1356

Close-up of inkle belt by Sara, using variegated  yarn, with contrasting black

IMG 1361

Ellen, owner of the local Moss Creek Weaving Studio brought several summer-and-winter pieces in various yarns.

 She recently bought a used 8h MightyWolf that still had the previous warp on it, and she just couldn’t throw the warp away!

IMG 1367

Ellen is working on a doll from this publication, for her granddaughter

IMG 1363

And finally, Ellen recently saw a YouTube video by Marilyn Pipe… and made several small purses from all kinds of thrums, including eyelash.  All made on a piece of stiff cardboard (right). A variation of the purses made on a box, that we featured in post #90. They are beautiful.

Here’s a llink to Ellen’s Moss Creek Weaving Studio webpage

Here’s a link to Marilyn Pipe's video that Ellen found

From beautiful West Lafayette IN, where the snow and ice have finally melted and spring will soon be here…  right after the snow that is predicted for this coming Thursday.   -D&R

#90 New Year at the Local Guild

IMG 1302

January 2015 at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation 

The first meeting of our local weaving guild for 2015 was loaded with interesting projects from the members!

The honor of “most new textiles at a single meeting” (if the guild had such an award) goes to Joni. 

You’ll see her items, below.

Then, the Program Chair, Ryoko, introduced the members to weaving a bag on a cardboard box. Handwoven published an article by tapestry artist Sarah Swett, back in their Jan/Feb, 2008 issue.

Essentially, by wrapping a warp around  the sides and bottom of a small cardboard box, but leaving the top of the box open (unwrapped) , you create a “loom” that allows the weaving to be formed in the shape of a purse or handbag.

IMG 1324

Clip of article by Sarah Swett

Now this is not the same as the many  cardboard-box-weaving examples on the web, where the weaving is actually done on warp stretched across the open box top.  

Nope. In this incarnation, you weave on the SIDES and BOTTOM, leaving the top open. Voila! a purse or handbag, depending on the dimensions of the box you’ve chosen.

The pictures below, will probably clear up the confusion! 

The article uses the box system to weave a tapestry bag. But.. if you are not a “ tapestry person”  you can use  any kind of weft, placed any way you want it.

It’s just a way to make a woven piece that is bag shaped, rather than flat.

Ryoko pointed out that an advantage of the system is that you can weave without expensive equipment, without  making noise, with the box on your lap, while you sit comfortably.

From beautiful West Lafayette, IN… where the sun is shining and the temp is 41F… and it now gets light by 8am. Repeat: 8am!   Whoo-eee!  We actually got the Christmas lights out of the front yard. (Tomorrow may be different!)    -Dorothy & Ron

IMG 1276

Scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom 

IMG 1277

Chenille scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom

IMG 1278

Large Mohair shawl by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom 

IMG 1279

Chenille scarf by Joni - on a rigid-heddle loom

IMG 1273

Joni giving a Grand Finale of all the wonderful items she showed at the meeting!

IMG 1284

Shadow weave by Jane 

IMG 1285

Rug, by Jane, made with 35yr old macrame cord! (Read: stash reduction)

IMG 1287

Turned Ms & Os by Heather 

IMG 1292

Turned M’s & O’s article

IMG 1289

Blanket by Heather

IMG 1296

Chenille scaf by Ryoko, with intentional long floats to incorporate the eventual  "worning"

IMG 1297

Scarf with intermixed Chenille & Bernat Crochet yarn - by Ryoko

IMG 1298

Unbelivable find in a antique/junque shop for $7 (Harrisville) -found by Jan

IMG 1308 - Version 2

Ryoko demonstrating noted tapestry artist Sarah Swett's technique for making a handbag with the "loom" being a cardboard box

IMG 1310 - Version 2

Close-up of how warp yarn is looped around the tabs that have been cut into the top edges of the box. This leaves the top of the future weaving open to make a handbag.

#89 Note Card Designs using Hand-woven Swatches

Our local weaving guild recently invited Cathy Hayt, of Platypus Studios to give a presentation about cards incorporating hand-woven swatches.

IMG 0763

Cathy Hayt

Some of Cathy’s examples incorporate swatches woven on an inexpensive pin loom, then framed in commercially available cards from many art supply sources. 

One on-line source of photo insert cards, mentioned by Cathy, was Photographer’s Edge

IMG 0755

Examples of woven swatches in commercial card frames

IMG 0753

In these cards, Cathy overlaid swatches on designer paper backgrounds. Two upper cards illustrate using multicolor rovings.

The lower-left card shows an original photo of yarn in a decorative basket.

Cathy also discussed the merits of different glues to hold the swatches in place.  She has found in her work that, in general, glue-sticks are best for short-time adhesion, while hot glue works well, but often raises the swatch where applied. Often the various 3M craft glues have given the best overall satisfaction.

IMG 0750 - Version 2

Cathy Hayt of Platypus Studios discussing properties of various adhesives in working with greeting cards

From beautiful West Lafayette Indiana, where we’ve been having c-o-o-o-old weather, but hardly any snow.             Keep on weavin’   -D&R

#88 Local guild meeting

Our local guild is planning a towel exchange in November… so... to get members revved up...  the program chair, Ryoko, asked Dorothy to bring examples of towels from past exchanges.

IMG 2009

Dorothy showing various towel patterns 

It went well... we’ve included some photos, below. Several members also brought previously-made towels. Nice things!

IMG 2017 - Version 2

IMG 2015

IMG 2016

The meeting also had a good number of show & tell items, which we thought you might like to see.

IMG 1982

Phyllis showed a 4 harness rag runner made completely from silk ties  

IMG 1985

Rita brought a GREAT rep weave wall hanging, maybe 2ft x 4ft in size

IMG 1992

Version #1

IMG 1990

Heather made a series of  huck placemats, illusrating the difference that can be made by only varying the treadling and adding black as the weft

IMG 1996

Jan showed a carry-all made entirely from plastic bags. 

The kicker? she left a tiny text line by her little finger that says “Please Recycle"

IMG 1997

Another piece by Jan is a rag rug that she titled “Chicory by the Roadside"

IMG 2000

Millie brought two scarves made from rayon. Nice hand!

The backstory: Mille (mid nineties!) had just finished a long run of overshot placemats and just needed a break!

IMG 2002

Joanie made this shawl on a rigid-heddle loom!

IMG 2004

In addition to a display of towels, Ryoko showed two beautiful carriers for mini iPads/tablets, in Indian Saddle Blanket Weave… she worked from Helene Bress’ book The Weaving Book.

IMG 1989

Rita attended a class at the recent Convergence conference, where she made this wool tapestry, which she calls “Tipping Point.”  Some swear they see fish swimming!

From beautiful W. Lafayette IN, where Kroger has some really nice pumpkins this year. 

Now we have some of them decorating the front yard!

The sorghum stalks (beside the steps) that kinda look like US field corn, with no corn ears… have nice seeds where the tassels would be on field corn. We planted them there for the birds. 

It’s fun to watch ‘em ride the seed heads up and down, while they snack! (We go in for cheap entertainment.)   -Dorothy&Ron

IMG 2018
Front porch

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